Oh, I leave in 3 days? I could’ve sworn it was a week yesterday!

Ahhh! Only 3 days away from our summer adventure?! Are you nervous yet? Of course not! I’m jumping and shaking with excitement! Now it’s just time for all those last minute details: like doctor appointment, hair appointment, bank visit (foreign currency is magical!), Walgreens run for those essential and overpriced toiletries and travel sized bottles… (do I already have a travel sized sunscreen? Better go ahead and get it just in case)! Packing and unpacking because the forecast has changed in Europe from 50’s to 70’s! (Yeah baby!) then packing some more. It’s the best! And even when we want to give up and just hope we will have everything for our adventure, we remember that it will all be worth it once we get on that plane Monday morning!

In discussing our soon-to-be adventure with others, I’ve found it funny how people perceive time differently. To some people 7 weeks sounds like such a short time, but for others (myself included) it seems like forever! But oh how these last short days remaining are passing like hours! I hope you guys are ready for this! So stick around, because I can’t wait to see where the journey will take us!

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